Hello, Carrier...

I’m sorry, but it sounds like someone’s on drugs.


I’m sorry, but it sounds like someone’s on drugs.


Maybe its just me but uh- 

This would be a strong guess since both EMH and WF have the Rake and they both are in NJ.


I’m really scared


save our queen


save our queen


So this just happened. Or I guess a few hours ago, I dunno, I was out, and I came home to an ask mentioning this, so I’m just going to say this:

Thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you <3

You are all some of the most wonderful people it has ever been my pleasure to entertain. To think that 4,001 people sit down at their computers to watch an (in my mind) average-at-best horror series that I created out of boredom almost 2 years ago is one of the most incredible things to feel. You guys are the reasons I keep doing this, and moments like this are the things that keep me going, even when WF itself becomes a bit of a chore.

I made a promise when I started that, if I were to hit 4,000 subs, then I would start making merch. So consider this my official announcement. I am currently in the process of working on a few different t-shirts, as well as a poster or 2. And when this crazy ride comes to its end, there is a 90% chance I will make a DVD.

Obviously I wouldn’t be where I am without all the help I’ve recieved from my friends. The list of people who’ve helped me over the past 2 years is enormous, so I won’t go listing them all, but I appreciate and love each and every one of them. And of course, all of you who are reading this.

TL;DR: This is truly incredible, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much <3

~Lee “FriendLee” Esposito

Congratulations Lee!


why are they speaking to it

The occult worships it and protect it. Almost.


And the award for most rational thing ever done in a Slenderverse video goes to…


Welcome to hell

Is this Lee?
WhisperedFaith tweet:


"Laying low for the time being. -Lee"

hey, dickhead